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HEALTHe Initiatives™

Helping employers achieve longevity through health education.

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Wellness Fairs

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Wellbeing Platforms

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HEALTHe Initiatives™

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Social Wellness

HEALTHe Initiatives™ - Advisory services in the field of employee benefits for group healthcare and business insurance offered to employees in addition to standard benefits such as medical, dental, life insurance including short term disability, long term disability, cancer insurance, accidental death and dismemberment; insurance agency and brokerage; insurance information and consultancy services. 

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Promote Healthy Living

In order to significantly alter health care costs, it is critical for employers to drive positive lifestyle changes and promote healthy living. 

Potomac companies works directly with your organization to design, create, and implement customized wellness plans that are appropriate for your culture and objectives. Initial goals entail defining participation levels for initiatives and grow over time into targeted programs including: increasing preventative care utilization, reducing obesity, decreasing the number of employees who use tobacco products, and supporting healthy lifestyle change. 

We work closely with each of our clients to optimize wellness strategies, creating healthy workforces and reducing health care costs. 

Dr. Steven Aldana, The Culprit and the Cure

"If you want to have a long, healthy life, you need to adopt a healthy diet (nutrition) and be regularly physically active (exercise), and you need to maintain those behaviors (psychology) for the rest of your life."

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