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Is your business making the necessary changes to survive in our evolving world of work?

Join the “Great Digitization,” or feel the impact of the “Great Resignation.” The choice is yours.

According to the 2022 Ease insights report, 76% of businesses have changed the way they do business after 2020 and 43% noted the ability to conduct business digitally was a driving factor in winning new business.

Are you accepting or resisting the need for change in our evolving world?

Post-pandemic, if you don’t feel the need to join the “Great Digitization,” you will soon. Due to the “Great Resignation,” there is now more pressure on already overworked HR teams to manage remote workers, recruit new talent, and onboard new employees.

The report states that 48% of businesses offered more support to their clients this year than last year by helping them onboard new hires online, conduct benefits elections remotely, and provide compliance support.

In addition to adapting to remote work, organizations are accepting that there is a high demand for better benefits. In fact, a recent PwC survey revealed 88% of companies are experiencing higher turnover rates than normal, and that same survey notes employees rank benefits as the #2 reason to start looking for a new job right after wages and salary.

Ease found that 90% of businesses anticipated their groups wanting MORE insurance options this upcoming open enrollment season:

  • 40% will offer more health insurance plan options

  • 46% will offer more worksite benefits options (like accident, life, or critical illness)

  • 30% will offer a telemedicine option

  • 35% will offer mental health benefits

For organizations winning new business this year, additional driving factors included:

  • 27% said the promise of a paper-free open enrollment season

  • 39% said better support with compliance and regulatory issues

  • 45% said innovative ways to help clients contain costs

  • 72% said superior customer service

We know change can be scary. That’s why CalmHR was created to guide and support you with minimal effort required on your end. CalmHR's white glove, concierge service provides you and your employees with access to a world class suite of subject matter experts with 37+ years of experience.

Imagine what your organization would accomplish this year if you could:

  • Streamline & digitize all HR & back-office processes onto one, user-friendly platform

  • Simplify & digitize benefits administration, the renewal process and open enrollment

  • Mitigate risk and compliance uncertainty at the local, state, and federal levels

  • Attract & retain top talent with the use of CalmHR's Manage to Zero™ program

  • Offer innovative, Fortune 500-style benefit programs, such as CalmHR's Pooled Employer 401(k) Plan

  • Automate the tedious day-to-day operations that distract you from your business goals

As these post-pandemic workplace trends emerge, retool and revamp your workforce to meet the needs of businesses today. Schedule a brief introductory meeting to learn how CalmHR embraces these new trends, all on one, easy-to-use platform: schedule a consult

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