Understanding healthcare costs: today and tomorrow

Image - Manage to Zero


Research shows health care expenditures are increasing between 4% and 12% annually, depending on company size, population characteristics, and location. In today’s world it is crucial for employers to manage current health care costs, but more importantly, it is crucial for employers to anticipate changing benefit requirements and be proactive in developing a strategy to combat rising health care costs.

At Potomac Companies, we work with your organization to control the future cost of health care through our MANAGE TO ZERO® program. The foundation of MANAGE TO ZERO® is Potomac Companies’ proven process to help employers contain and reduce health care costs while providing employees with exceptional benefit packages. As a result of analyzing medical trends, evaluating programs and their effectiveness, and identifying problem areas and potential solutions, Potomac Companies is able to save employers’ valuable resources.



MANAGE TO ZERO® combines five core strategies that focus on the long-term management of health care costs and optimizing each client’s employee benefit programs.

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