Administrative Burdens and Compliance Risks - How We Can Help you

Image - Mitigation of Administrative Costs Risks


A study done by the ADP Research Institute found that 82% of mid-sized companies see the cost of employer sponsored health insurance as a barrier to achieving business goals.

The management of employee health care and other benefits carries many administrative burdens and compliance risks, which can greatly affect a company’s financial stability. Complying with government regulations such as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) and controlling the rising cost of care present significant challenges for employers in the lower middle market.

Potomac Companies works directly with employers to create and implement a comprehensive process, improving administrative productivity, reducing risk, and mitigating the possibility of employee relations lawsuits. We focus on lowering administrative costs and ensuring compliance through proper account management, human resource consulting services, risk management, and process automation. By closely reviewing potential risks and evaluating administrative costs, Potomac Companies can help organizations significantly improve internal efficiency, recruit and retain employees, and greatly reduce overhead expenses.

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