Transparent Hospital Pricing Exposes Wild Fluctuation, Even Within Miles—DMV Area Edition

According to data from Payer Compass, which shows 2013-2015 data for overall ratios of charges to actual Medicare payment for all Medicare-certified hospitals, going to different hospitals close by in the region can result in very different bills., Because of Maryland’s partnership with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) between 2014-2016, “all-payer per capital total hospital revenue growth... Read More

Service and Education: The Keystone of Our Mission

Potomac Companies incorporates strategy, software, and service as the core of our broker-consultant relationship.  We use powerful analytics software, along with our CEO’s analytics expertise, to model renewals, new coverage, and funding approaches.  Our signature KISS – Keep It Simple Solution™ program takes technological and administrative approaches to minimizing errors and maximizing efficiencies in HR.  Service is the keystone of... Read More

Attract and Retain Employees with Financial Wellbeing, Cybersecurity, and Tuition Repayment Programs

Distracted employees are unproductive employees.  Who wouldn’t be distracted by serious financial concerns, be they overwhelming student loan debt, or identity theft and the financial fallout thereof?  With last year’s Equifax breach and the threat of widespread identity theft, helping employees safeguard their identities is a great benefit to offer.  Another voluntary program which may prove popular and attractive to... Read More